My heart is fixed…

It was definitely the right decision for me to wrap up my Project 365, but whatever am I to do now with all these photographs of our lives on Pollywog Creek and the critters that join us?

Most of the goldfinches have headed north for the summer, but I have so delighted in having them here on Pollywog Creek this winter – especially as they have molted and exchanged their drab winter plumage for the bright yellow plumage of spring and summer. I didn’t expect any of them to stay down here that long, but some of them have – and aren’t they beautiful?

I really don’t even intend to take so many photographs, but when something beautiful and interesting is right in front of me and I just so happen to have my camera with me – well – what do you do?

I suppose that I could leave my camera in the house, but what fun what that be?

I find it humorous to watch the little goldfinches share a feeder with the much larger cardinals.

The male and female cardinals are frequent visitors. They appeared interested for a while in nesting in the Japanese honeysuckle vine along the fence, but wisely chose the thickets along the creek bank instead. On Sunday afternoon I watched them play and bathe in the creek together. The male is very attentive. He watches her every move, takes seeds to her if she is not eating at the feeder herself, and he loudly serenades her throughout the day.

The mockingbirds eat fruits and insects and don’t visit the feeders, but this one perched on the fence and appeared to be fussing at the cardinals. I wonder if there is a mockingbird nest nearby.

At dusk yesterday, I discovered the Great Blue Heron searching for food by the pond. He quickly flew away as I approached.

Maybe these critters aren’t as beautiful as the flowers and birds, but I still find the variety and details of tiny insects to be as fascinating as a wildflower. I had never before seen a southern yellowjacket queen. She was at least 4 times the size of a normal yellowjacket and I found her munching away on the wood fencing. The amberwing dragonfly looked like a spot of gold twinkling in the sunlight as she clung to a leaf on the honeysuckle vine.

Before I even knew about this “heart attack” trip I am presently taking, Emily and I began Beth Moore’s study of the Psalms of Ascent . On so many fronts, the timing for this study could not have been more perfect. Beth is just one of the women in my life who God uses to teach and encourage me. I commented in Beth’s blog this morning that even though she didn’t know it, she is one of my best girlfriends.

My blogging friend Cathy is another. In an email to me over the weekend, she sent me the lyrics to a song she wrote some years ago in response to her pastor’s “heart” trials and she gave me permission to share them with you here:

When my heart is overwhelmed,
I will call on Thee, Lord Jesus,
And thou will stengthen my heart,
For my heart is fixed on Thee, O my God.
I will be not afraid, For my trust is in Thee,
And my heart is fixed upon Thee, Oh my God.
~ Cathy ~

I love that, Cathy. Thank you so much. I haven’t a clue what the cardiologist will tell me when I see him on Friday, but God’s word and Cathy’s song remind me that my heart is fixed and I will not be afraid.


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