I hate to say this, because I truly don’t want sympathy, but I’ll say it anyway – last week was hard. Very hard. If you really want to know the details then I’ll tell you (email me), but I’d rather just say that there were two verses that carried me through it all – this one and this one. The verse from Isaiah, written on a 3 x 5 card and tucked in my pocket, gave me the hope and encouragement I needed for one particularly difficult day. Don’t you just love God’s perfect Word and grace for the moment?

And what about the blessings of His people? In addition to my precious blogging girl friends (and especially my sweet friends in real life, like the one who went to the store for me when I was too sick to go for myself and brightened my day with a beautiful arrangement of the most gorgeous azaleas), and of course my daily doses of Chambers, Tozer and Spurgeon, I found much encouragement, laughter, and just good, good stuff last week in places like A Brick in the Valley, A Slice of Infinity, Desiring God Blog, Eternal Perspectives, Girl Talk, Living Spirituality, Of First Importance, and On Earth as It is in Heaven. I bet you subscribe to all of them, too.

I love God’s Word and His people, but I’m afraid that there are times when those who claim to know Christ behave rather poorly in very public ways…

“Without a warrant or other legal authorization, uniformed police officers conducted several raids on Faith Baptist Church in Waterford Township, Michigan, and threatened to prosecute several young Christian musicians for disorderly conduct – because the Township prosecutor objected to the playing of contemporary religious music.”

You need to read the whole thing. (HT – Tullian Tchividjian )

Oh a much lighter note (I did say this would be a mélange), Lord willing, we will be making two exciting trips, and realize the possibility of another too-good-to-be-true event, over the next couple of months. I’m thrilled to overflowing about them all, but much too tired tonight to elaborate. Tomorrow.


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