Not really, but the concept of an extended period of rest seems rather attractive at the moment.

I am feeling much better than I did last week, but I can’t seem to shake the fatigue that has characterized this flu from the beginning. Thankfully, I’ve been able to keep up with all the important things – like playing with Gavin and delighting in spring from my backyard swing (with my camera, of course) – but the energy for most other tasks has been elusive. I’ve made numerous notes to myself this week for next winter: Get a flu shot.

Speaking of winter, it has actually been winter here for the past two days, and there is even a frost in the forecast for tomorrow morning. Spring will return by the afternoon, however, and it will be summer again by Sunday. It’s a strange place where we live here on Pollywog Creek.

The male painted bunting has remained a frequent visitor to the bird feeders, but unlike the sparrows and goldfinches, he is very shy and usually waits until I am inside the house to arrive. Yesterday and today, he was brave enough (or hungry enough) to fly out of the thickets while I was still outside on the swing.

It has been such fun this week to watch a pair of young fox squirrels in and around the sweet-gum tree where two of the bird feeders hang. Fortunately, they have failed in their attempts to raid the feeders, and have had to settle for the leftovers on the ground underneath. One of the squirrels would venture very close to where I was sitting on the swing, but the other one was easily spooked and would frantically climb back over the fence and sprint for a pine tree in the pasture if I moved at all.

Enough of my backyard critters. Tomorrow is another play day with my grandson, and there’s definitely no cocooning when Gavin is here.


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