Poco a poco….

…I’ll be re-entering the blogosphere. Many sincere hugs and kisses to those of you who commented and sent emails while I was “away”. Your love and kindness toward me is a treasure.

To say what a week away from blogging can do, I’ll quote my daughter who wrote:

“My fast is over, but boy was it needed. I got into a good pattern with school which was a must, I did better things with my time besides getting online, and more importantly I had more God and me time.”

I wish I had been that mature at sixteen. I should add that when Emily is on the computer, her time is usually well-spent. Her posts are thoughtful and encouraging, and her blog is not typical of teenagers who delight in drawing attention to themselves. She has her share of “just for fun” posts, but without any prompting she has been writing a series entitled “What I Believe and Why I Believe It”. She has taken the writing of this series very seriously, researching and supporting her positions with Scripture. I am quite impressed. I don’t link to Emily’s blog, but if you are a regular reader and sincerely interested in reading Emily’s posts and encouraging her in this series, please drop me an email (pollywogcreekporch at gmail dot com) and I’ll send you the link.

To recap some of the highlights of my week away from most blogging (I did try to keep up with posting photos on my project 365 page) – a friend helped me care for an older woman who was recovering from back surgery and needed help taking a shower, I drove a friend who had been ill with the flu for a week to her doctor an hour away, we went to Bradenton to watch Michael’s daughter Kari play in a volleyball tournament, then drove out to Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key for an early supper and a walk on the beach, continued to work my way through my list of projects, listened to a very inspiring message in church, had a little fender-bender in the grocery store parking lot (I was picking up a prescription for my husband who had a tooth pulled earlier in the day – the other driver was an unlicensed illegal) and played with Gavin on Tuesday until I came down with the same flu my friend had….which is why my return to blogging will be “poco a poco”.

Yesterday was absolutely delightful and I spent nearly all day wrapped in a blanket on my backyard swing, alternately reading, resting and taking photographs of the pretty little goldfinches that seem to like my new feeder. I realize that these goldfinches in their southern winter plumage are not nearly as beautiful as they are when they return north for the summer, but they look lovely to me.

I was outside on the swing yesterday morning when the space shuttle flew over just minutes before landing at the Kennedy Space Center. I had hoped to record the double-sonic boom for those of you who have not experienced it, but I was too late in turning on the video. Every time the shuttle safely launches and returns to earth, I marvel at the engineering accomplishments required and praise God for His protection.

If anyone is interested in the variety of photographs I took last week while I was away, you are welcome to browse through my flickr pages. I even have a photograph of my bent fender.

Before I close, I simply must give extra hugs and kisses to my friend Cathy who was so sweet to send the best blogging buddies award my way…

Isn’t that adorable. Cathy, the feeling is mutual!


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