Saturday Photo Hunt – Heavy

This was a tough theme for me this week. I had to dig deep into my flickr archives to find photographs that I thought might work, and the ones I chose are not what might be expected here on Pollywog Creek.

Emily and Kristin are certainly not the heavies in this photograph, taken at the airport in New York the day Nick graduated from Kings Point in June 2005. What was heavy was the luggage. This photograph shows only a portion of the very heavy suitcases and bags that Kristin, Emily and I were responsible for securing at the airport, while Nick and Louis returned the rental car. Nick had tried to bring as much of his stuff home as he could during his senior year at the academy, but he still had a footlocker and several large and heavy bags that we had to check in at the airport – including the ceremonial sword that Nick was presented as Regimental Commander and Kristin has slung over her shoulder in this photo. Checking that sword in at the airport (post 9/11) was interesting, to say the least.

And for a slightly different take on the word “heavy”…

In the fall of 2004, Emily, Kristin and I experienced the presence of very heavy security when we met President and Laura Bush at a rally in Ft. Myers…

It was not easy to take photographs while the heavy security detail moved President and Laura Bush quickly past us, and in the photo below it appears that President Bush barely missed hitting my camera as he reached in my direction. It all happened very fast. Too fast to appreciate the moment and take photographs, too.

Despite this less-than-flattering photograph of Laura Bush shaking Emily’s hand, I must say that she is a very beautiful woman.

A professional photographer accompanying the Bushes gave us his card and told us that photographs he had taken would be available on his website, but we never saw any that included us, so we are stuck with these unprofessional photographs of mine.

For “heavy” photos from other Photo Hunt participants, please click on the Photo Hunter Banner or the Technorati PhotoHunt tag below. The theme for next week’s Photo Hunt is: free.


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