Twenty-nine projects…

…in twenty-nine days – that’s the plan.

Yesterday afternoon I made a list of 29 projects I’d like to complete over the 29 days in February.

I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed lately with the number of chores and tasks that have been neglected and guilty if I continue to ignore them. Often when I’m overwhelmed I just spin my wheels. Not knowing where to begin, I fail to accomplish anything. Separating the chores and tasks into 29 daily assignments seems much more manageable.

Some of the projects on my list will require more of my time and attention than others – like dusting and rearranging the bookshelves in the study. There will also be at least 4 days in February when I will need to do 2 day’s worth of projects to make up for the Sundays that I try to keep free of unnecessary work. I’ll save those more intensive projects for the days that Gavin spends the day with his other grandmother.

For day one today, I cleaned out and organized my recipe notebook. I had recipes written on dozens of pieces of paper that I had just stuffed in my notebook or in the kitchen cabinet where I keep my cookbooks. I should have taken a before and after photograph, but I didn’t. I’d much rather take a picture of Gavin. (Did you see the collage of Gavin photos I took on Tuesday?)

I’m not sure you can see it in the photo, but Gavin has what Emily calls “Chris Tomlin hair.” It kind of sticks out in different directions in random places all over his head – Gavin’s and Chris’s! It’s quite possible that’s the look Chris Tomlin is trying to achieve – not Gavin.

Speaking of Chris Tomlin – Kristin, Emily and I have tickets for his concert tomorrow. I hesitate to call it a “concert”, though. The other times that Emily and I have been privileged to hear Chris Tomlin live, it was not a performance – it was worship.

January was not the worst month we’ve had here on Pollywog Creek, but it sure wasn’t the best. Emily was thrilled to turn the page of the calendar – and expects February to be a huge improvement. To quote Emily, “February begins with Chris Tomlin and ends with great food – what more could we want!” I’ll explain the “great food” later.

My photo hunt post will go up tomorrow.

See y’all in the morning!


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