“A Slice of Infinity”, a collaborative blog by a team from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, is one of my favorite daily inspirational reads. Every writer on the team is beyond excellent, but senior associate writer Jill Carattini speaks to my heart more than any other and today’s “Slice” from Jill’s pen is no exception. Here is a peek….

“The more I study theology, the more I fear being able to soundly navigate through the noisy choruses. I fear the blind spots that I likely have–and nurture. And so I find myself wanting to stand behind one trustworthy theologian in particular, drawing a line between us and all the rest, declaring myself a follower of his or her theological camp, and following my safe theological leader through the labyrinth of good and bad theologies.” (emphasis mine)

I hope that whets your appetite to see how Jill deals with this tendency of ours to “camp out”.

Chris Brauns (A Brick in the Valley), is a pastor and author of a book which will be published by Crossway later this year. I believe I discovered Chris by following a link at David Wayne’s (Jollyblogger) in a deeply profound and spiritual post on the Florida Gators (ha!), and Chris’s blog has been in my blogline subs ever since. (So is David’s, by the way, and though I enjoy the fun of his Jollyblogger Florida Gator posts, David’s theological essays are what keep him in my list of “must reads”.) I very much look forward to the release of Chris’s book of forgiveness. An example of what I am sure to read in that book comes from his post last summer Forgiveness and Virginia Tech, which begins…

As a pastor, this week I have considered what I would say to one of the Virginia Tech parents who lost a child. In these days and years of Columbine, Oklahoma City, and now the Virginia Tech massacre, it is a question we all face. How should we respond to such evil?

I do hope that you will read Chris’s response to that question.

Recently Chris posted a link to a short video by Greg Koukl, who answers the question, “What about those who have never heard?” There were two statements in that video that resonated with me…

“What do they do with what they have? That is the question.”

“It wouldn’t be grace.”

What I keep hearing the Lord say to me is “What are you doing, Patricia, with what you have?”


In addition to my present devotion to the Book of Colossians, I am now reading My Grandfather’s Son by Clarence Thomas.

Emily is still reading Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life by Tony Dungy.

I really would love to know what you are reading? My blog doesn’t count.


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