Emily says I am officially becoming an old person…

…because I’ve developed a keen interest in birds, but what does she know. I know lots of young people who like birds. Don’t you?

She also told me last week that she thinks we are becoming “hippies” because we started taking canvas bags with us to the store to bag our groceries. Really.

I did have a wonderful birding day today, without even trying, just don’t tell Emily. I added 20 more painted bunting photographs to my painted bunting flickr set, just from today. The photos aren’t perfect. The sun was in and out, and when it was out it cast a shadow over the bunting’s head, but the photos from today show off the beautiful back feathers that I could not photograph yesterday.

A tiny yellow pine warbler posed for me on the chain-link fence……

….while a black-and-white warbler flew into a nearby oak tree.

I photographed a mockingbird, a yellow-bellied sapsucker, a tufted titmouse, sparrows, and a little yellow bird I have yet to identify.

I read, it rained and I took a nap. A pefect elderly hippie day if I say so myself.


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