Christmas Eve Musings

Yes. I started this post nearly 36 hours ago when it really was Christmas Eve and – well – Christmas happened before I could barely begin.

As I attempted last evening – Christmas Day – to collect my thoughts and leave them here on Pollywog Creek, my uncooperative eyelids forced me to save my musings for yet another day.

It is probably just as well. I’ve seemed to walk through a “blue” haze this Christmas and it has required much perseverance for me to take my “not particularly cheery thoughts” captive.

These Chocolate Peppermint Cookies are from the Gooseberry Patch Christmas Cookies Cookbook . Let me tell you, they are mouth-watering delicious. Emily and I made these cookies for a Christmas party Emily hosted for some of her girl friends last week and they were devoured in no time. We also mixed dough for gingerbread cookies, but didn’t bake them until Christmas Eve.

I really do have some fun things to share, but the fog has finally lifted here on Pollywog Creek and the sunlight is begging me to head outside with my camera. Besides – Louis is outside cutting down a dead pine tree – by himself with a chain saw. I think I better go supervise.



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