Sunrise, Sunset

Show me your sunsets! Or your sunrise, whichever the case may be. It has to be a photo you took. Include a brief description of where it was, and how it made you feel watching that sunset/sunrise.

Julie (Teacher Julie) recently tagged me for a Sunset/Sunrise Meme, and those were the instructions. Specifically, Julie asked me to participate with a Florida sunset photograph, but Florida is a peninsula and both the sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico to the west are spectacular…so I will post one of each.

This photograph was taken in May 2006, along the east coast, somewhere between Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach, as the sun was rising on a cloudy morning. I remember being disappointed that rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast while we were on vacation at the beach, but I also remember the awe of watching the spectacular beauty of such a majestic sunrise.

Our favorite beach on the west coast is Longboat Key near Sarasota, but this photograph was taken on Ft. Myers Beach in October 2006, as Louis and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. In the photograph, the sun is setting over the Gulf of Mexico just over the tip of Sanibel Island. After checking into our room, I thumbed through the local newspaper to find the time the sun was to set, but the time had changed that day and the newspaper had printed the wrong time. They were off by an hour. Fortunately, Louis and I realized the mistake in time to make it down to the beach just as the sun was rapidly setting. I remember thinking just how quickly the sun sets when it is that close to the horizon, and thanking God for a glimpse of His glory on our special weekend.

If you would like to participate in this meme, I’d love to see photographs of your sunrises and sunsets.


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