Bad hair day and other random stuff

Hope that didn’t scare you, but I just couldn’t resist. I photographed this lovely creature on my walk around Pollywog Creek this morning. This is what she looked like when we weren’t so up-close-and-personal.

If you enjoy photography as much as I do, then you will appreciate David Wayne’s (Jollyblogger) Friday photo post with links to some pretty incredible photography.

My daughter-in-law Kristin is a 3rd grade teacher this year and I am busy this weekend sewing these for her students. Aren’t they adorable? I found the tutorial for making them at 30 Days of Gifts to Sew at Sew, Mama, Sew! (You simply must check out the beautiful crafts and tutorials there, if you haven’t already.)

Most of Kristin’s students are girls, but there are 6 boys in the class and I’m not certain that they would appreciate those as much as the girls. Any one have a great idea for something that I could make for 3rd grade boys instead? I need to have them ready by their last day of school on Thursday.

Have you seen the title of the new Reliant K album? Very clever. In the subtropics of southwest Florida, we can relate to “Let it Reindeer” and could not be more thrilled that it is finally doing just that. Over 2 inches yesterday and it is raining right now. Like most of the south, we have been experiencing a historic drought. There has been an absence of significant rainfall in weeks. Our church has been planning a large picnic on the grounds after worship tomorrow and the forecast calls for a 60% chance of heavy rain, thunderstorms and gusty winds. Wouldn’t you know it!


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