Except for the fire…..

Back row: Lizbeth and Michael (Kari and Tabby), Jessi, Mason, Casey, my brother Mike and his wife Dorthy(Coral, Sommer, Ryan), Louis, Me, Nick, Gavin, Kristin. Front row: Coral, Emily, Kari, Sommer, Tabby, and Ryan(“Thank You” to Coral’s friend Mike for taking the photograph.)

…the day was perfectly delightful.

I’m way too tired to write about the fire tonight, but I will say that the smoke detectors do work, no one was hurt (except for the cut on my finger), no property was damaged, and though the timing could have been different, I was finally able to clean under the stove.

I was also grateful that I had started cooking the 25-pound turkey at 4:30 this morning because the extra time I had allowed was needed to put out the fire and clean up the mess.

*Note to self – 25-pound turkeys create a rather large amount of greasy, flammable drippings, and it helps to have an extra box of baking soda in the pantry – just in case.


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