The Beast Mom Ever

When my boys were little, they were so sweet about writing me notes or adding “I love you mom” to their drawings. Every now and then I look through the stack of “love notes” from my children that I’ve kept over the years. What treasures they are to me. Many of them bring tears to my eyes, but there is one that makes me laugh every time. Not known to be the best speller, one of the boys (and we all know who that is – right, Kristin?) wrote this in a note to me:

“To the Beast Mom Ever”

And if that wasn’t humbling enough, he added:

“that we know of”

Nearly three weeks ago, Julie (Teacher Julie) honored me with the Cool Mom Award. I’ve been thinking that she might have wanted to ask my boys about that first! Seriously, Julie thinks I am a “cool mom”, and to that I would add “that she knows of.” I am quite confident that there are many moms out there that are much cooler than I am and much more deserving of this award. Julie, thank you very much for your confidence in me and your encouragement. You, dear, are definitely a cool mom.

As if being “cool” wasn’t good enough, Cathy at Melodies and Hymnsongs let me know in an email that she thinks I am an encourager and worthy of the “encouraging bloggers award”. The “encouraging bloggers award” is to be given to those people who leave encouraging comments in the blogs of others, and that is definitely Cathy. If I was passing out this award, she is the first person I would think to give it to. Cathy, you are truly a sweetheart and a blessing to me. You inspire me. I want to be worthy of this award, so I promise to be better about commenting and encouraging other bloggers.


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