A little squirrel

On a short walk around Pollywog Creek this afternoon, I was entertained by a little gray squirrel as he created a nest in the hollow of an oak tree near the edge of the creek.

Usually this squirrel protests quite loudly when I venture into his territory, but today he only paused momentarily before scampering up and down the tree, gnawing off small leafy branches and stuffing them into his den.

I’ve often wondered what might be living in the deep darkness of that hollow, and I’ve always approached it with caution. I was pleased to discover that it belongs to a squirrel and not a snake – at least for now.

There was little else to capture my attention on my walk this afternoon. I simply delighted in the pleasures of the moment – grateful for each one: fresh air, sunshine, a cool breeze, yellow butterflies and a gazillion dragonflies fluttering about, little brown lizards sunning on bald cypress knees, the moo of a neighbor’s dairy cows, and the catbirds calling from the thickets across the creek. God is so good to me.



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