Baby Day

Today was a baby day. I told you my life is rich.

Gavin is just too cute for words. Every grandmother says that, I know, but it really is true about Gavin. Honest. His 10-month old cuteness has even made us forget about his 6-plus-months of miserableness. Poor baby. He was one fussy colicky baby for a very.long.time.

Just like Mason, Gavin loves his Auntie Em. He follows her around like a little puppy dog, begging for attention – and her french fries. She knows how to make him happy, too. She’s going to be a fantastic mommy some day.

Gavin’s current favorite past-time is moving furniture. His furniture of choice is the dining room chairs. Any chair, really, but especially the heavy high-back chairs in the dining room. This afternoon Emily was in the kitchen mixing up a batch of cookie dough while I stepped outside. When Emily could not see or hear Gavin playing, she climbed the gate between the living room and kitchen to see what he was doing just in time to see a dining room chair come around the corner.

Maybe we should have invited Gavin over yesterday to help us clean out and re-arrange the boys’ old bedroom. Over the past two years that room has morphed from a bedroom into a giant over-sized “junk drawer” for everything from Jessi’s trap set to Christmas decorations, craft and sewing supplies, clothes, books, and anything I was tired of looking at in the rest of the house. The bunk beds, stacks of boxes, instruments, storage totes and a variety of other “stuff” created a maze of hiding places that Lucy and Nicky quickly claimed for themselves.

Yesterday, we conquered the maze, cleaned out the room, and Lucy and Nicky were evicted. They are not at all happy!

This afternoon I was trying to figure out how I could open the doors and keep Gavin from pushing out the screens when I came up with a great idea that maybe I should patent. I mentioned it to Kristin when she stayed for dinner and she thinks it is a great idea, too. Maybe tomorrow I’ll see what y’all think.

Today I was most grateful for sunshine and fresh air, a grand-baby to adore, a family to love, a washer and dryer, made-from-scratch macaroni and cheese and warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies, laughter, books, strollers, port-a-cribs, baby wipes and disposable diapers. God is good to me.


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