My first Habitat for Humanity team experience…

…and guess what job I was assigned to do?

It was a perfect fit.

If you have read Pollywog Creek for a while you might know that I have crohn’s disease with arthritis. I have rarely had problems with the crohn’s in the past three or four years, but the arthritis in my hands, knees, and hips is the worst it has ever been. Even so, volunteering to work a Habitat for Humanity team is something I’ve always wanted to do. I was certain that there would be simple tasks that didn’t require climbing, or lifting, or bending my knees that I could tackle. What.was.I.thinking.

When we arrived at the job site early this morning and met with the rest of the volunteers from our church, my heart sank when I realized that we were scheduled to hang trusses and do roof work.

A couple of us brought cameras (including me of course), so Heidi, the project coordinator from church, gathered us together for group photos. After the group pictures were taken, I casually mentioned to Louis, “That’s what I can do – take pictures.”

“That would be great!” I was surprised to hear someone say.

“I’m serious,” Heidi continued. “We want to put together a slide show for the church, and it would be great if you would take pictures.”

So that became my Habitat for Humanity assignment – photographer.

It didn’t require climbing, lifting, or bending my knees. A perfect fit.

My handsome husband, ironically in a Harley shirt (see my Photo Hunt post), climbed, lifted, and hammered nails along with the other volunteers from church on three houses today while I delighted in the beautiful fall day and my favorite hobby.

A few of the photographs I took today, if you want to take a peek.

I have so much to be thankful for today: My camera (again), my hardworking faithful husband (always), Heidi, my church and volunteers who worked extra hard today for those who need a home and God’s safety and protection while they worked, Habitat for Humanity, a cool and beautiful fall day, generators, tools, ladders, hard hats, water, my house, a warm and cozy bed, and an extra hour to sleep in tomorrow.


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