"View from the Window" and "Desktop Free View"

I don’t know why any of my friends tag me to participate in memes, because I am absolutely awful at playing them, but I simply cannot refuse my sweet friends Karen and Julie – both of who left tags on my Pollywog Creek front door while I was out of town over the weekend.

Karen (PediaScribe) tagged me for her Sunday Meme – View from the Window, and asked that I post photos of the view from my window where I blog.

If I am blogging from my desktop computer in the study, I have three window views:

The front of our property that faces the east…

The north side of our property that includes the pasture…

Past the kitchen and dining/living room, through the glass doors and back porch facing west toward the creek…

If I take my laptop out to the porch to blog, the view from the porch is more like this. I just noticed that there is a cat in each one of the photos looking out through the back porch. Lucy is in the photo above I took earlier today and Nicky is in the one I posted a week or so ago. I guess they like that view that best.

Julie (Teacher Julie) tagged me for the Desktop Free View, asking that I post my desktop, including the icons. I have a different desktop for each of the computers, but since I am on my desktop computer at the moment, that is the one I will share:

Not very exciting, eh? My desktop picture is a collage of some of my gardenia photos and, as you can see, I only have two icons – my trash bin and a shortcut to an ad removal program I use several times a week.

So…..Karen, I tag you to participate in Julie’s Desktop Free View meme (you can read more about it here), and Julie…you guessed it….I tag you to do Karen’s View from the Window meme.

And if anyone who stops by to read Pollywog Creek would like to participate in either the View from the Window or the Desktop Free View meme, please visit Julie’s and Karen’s blogs for all the details and let me know you participated so I can add links to your posts here.


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