Keeping up with Emily

Our credentials arrived via FedEx today, along with all the information we need for this weekend. We are starting to get excited.

According to the information, bags and purses will not be allowed into the debate hall, and we must also have a government issued photo ID with our credentials to enter every function. Without a bag or purse, just exactly what am I supposed to do with my photo ID and car keys? Nick suggested that I clip my car keys to the lanyard and find a clear plastic pouch for our photo IDs that we can also clip to the lanyard. Do y’all have any other ideas? I really don’t like the idea of so much stuff hanging from my neck. It just seems so tacky.

Earlier this evening I noticed What Would You Ask the GOP Presidential Candidates? on FOX News online:

FOX News wants to know what you would ask the Republican presidential candidates when they debate in Orlando, Fla. on Sunday, Oct. 21.

In theory, Emily and I might have the opportunity to meet each of the candidates during one of the events to which we will have access over the weekend and maybe even ask them a question or two. If you had the opportunity to ask one of the GOP presidential hopefuls a question, what would you ask, and to who would you ask it?

With Emily as my sidekick, there is a better than even chance that I will get to meet anyone I want. That girl is a magnet. Just last night she went with some friends to a Newsboys Go Tour concert, the first concert I haven’t attended with her in a very long time. While they were waiting in line to enter the arena, the Newsboys concert tour manager and the bass player for Kutless pulled Emily and her friends aside, offered them VIP passes and the opportunity to meet the Newsboys and work merch tables inside the venue. I had asked Emily to call me when they left the concert for home. When I did not hear from her by the time I thought I should have, I called her. That is when she told me that she was busy at the moment working merchandise for the Newsboys and she needed to go because they were getting ready to go to the “meet and greet.”

That is the way, it seems, that it has always been with Emily. Meeting celebrities in the entertainment industry, and high ranking government officials and politicians, and being able to observe their humanity – not from a distance, but up close – has been an incredibly valuable tool in teaching her discernment and preventing her from making them idols. Not every one she has met has impressed her, and that’s a good thing.


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