To Mason from Gavin

Hey Mase!

It has been two weeks since you, Uncle Casey and Aunt Jessi moved away, and I sure do miss you.

All last week Mimi kept asking me, “Where’s Mason?” I’d look around the room and then back at Mimi but she would never tell me where you were. I finally heard Auntie Em tell one of her friends that you had moved to Texas.

Texas!!!!! All I can about that is you better stay a Florida Gator at heart!

Papa, Mimi, and Auntie Em were all very sad after you left, and it was much too quiet at their house last week without you. It was so quiet that twice I took 3-hour naps. That would never happen if you were here.

I think you would be proud of how well I am walking now. Yesterday Mimi even left the rocking chair in the living room because she isn’t so afraid that I will fall on the rockers.

I still like playing with the walker toys Aunt Jessi left at Mimi’s house, but it isn’t as much fun without you here to race with and fight over who gets which toy.

Mimi finally let me watch Praise Baby yesterday.

I think it made her too sad to let me watch it last week because you always got so excited and happy when she played it for you.

Mimi told me to remind you to say the blessing she taught you before you eat, and to remember that Jesus loves you. Mimi may have let me watch Praise Baby this week, but she had a hard time singing “Jesus loves me” through her tears as she rocked me to sleep for my nap. “Maybe next week,” she whispered and then kissed me on the cheek.

Another thing that is different at Mimi’s without you is that I haven’t figured out how to pull the books off the shelves, open doors or climb on the furniture yet, so Mimi doesn’t rearrange all her furniture when I come over.

One of the things I have really missed about you being gone is having someone to wrestle with on the floor, but my daddy came home yesterday and that is one of the first things we did. I was so happy to see my daddy.

Family night at Papa and Mimi’s last night was not the same without you. It was so much more fun when you and I could get into trouble together. And not only that, no one else understands me when I talk. Auntie Em and Mimi think I speak German, and Daddy thinks I speak an alien language like on Star Wars.

For dinner last night Mimi cooked a roast and my favorite green beans. Daddy also brought Arroz con Pollo, courtesy of the Cuban cook on his ship. Papa, Mimi, Mommy and Daddy said it was delicious, but I stuck with the green beans. And, of course, we had Mimi’s fresh-from-the-oven oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and milk for dessert. I bet you really miss those cookies!

I can’t think of anything else to tell you right now, but maybe Mimi will help me write to you again next week.

I love you.

Your favorite cousin,


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