A gracious gift received

One of my dearest new friends is sweet Cathy at Melodies and Hymnsongs. Cathy posts some of the most encouraging devotionals, scripture, and lyrics. I know that I will be refreshed and renewed when I have visited her blog.

More than once, Cathy has blessed me with a blogging gift or an award, and her latest generosity is the Mathetes Award – Excellence in Discipleship. Because it is from you, dear Cathy, I humbly accept this award as an encouragement to remember my calling. May Christ alone be glorified in me.

According to Cathy, Dan King at Management by God created the award and we are to pass it on to five others who we think are deserving of this award. That is always the hard part for me, but I am simply going to choose the first five people who come to my mind when I think about discipleship:

Tonia at Study in Brown

Vicki at Windows to My Soul

Tiffany at The Journey

Lizzie at A Dusty Frame

Holly at Seeking Faithfulness

I mentioned yesterday that I have been doing some blog cleaning. I just don’t like a lot of “stuff” in my sidebar. It looks cluttered to me, so I moved a lot of things out of the sidebar and into an archived post and placed a link to that post in the sidebar. The precious blogging awards and gifts my generous readers have graciously passed on to me were just some of the things that I moved out of the sidebar and into a post where I will keep them to treasure. The link to that page is also in the sidebar under the “…about me” link.


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