As promised…

A couple of links that I want to share with my readers before time – and my memory – gets away from me:

I rely on Justin Taylor’s blog at Between Two Worlds to keep me informed of important (to me) theological discussions. On Tuesday, Justin linked to “Are You A Convergent Christian?” by Denny Burk. Later that day I followed Denny’s advice and listened to Mark Driscoll’s address at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, on the emerging church.

In his recommendation to listen to Mark Driscoll’s address, Denny states the following:

“Driscoll is a solid inerrantist, complementarian, Calvinist evangelical. In his message, Driscoll is careful to differentiate himself from the Emergent Village wing of the emerging church, which is in fact theologically liberal. This message is the first I’ve heard Driscoll to speak at length about his former association with Brian McLaren and about why he is no longer in league with him. If you don’t hear any of the other messages, be sure to listen to Driscoll’s. It’s certain to be clarifying to many.”

I think it is fair to say that Mark Driscoll can be offensive. He is sometimes sarcastic and edgy in his presentation, but I was so impressed with this message that I couldn’t wait to listen to it again with my 16 year old daughter Emily, who listened attentively the entire 80+ minutes Driscoll spoke.

I highly recommend this message to anyone who may be confused about where they stand on the issue of missiology and the emerging church, and especially to any young people who may be entering or close to entering college and may need help in discerning the many “spiritual” voices that are likely to come their way and attempt to lure them from Truth. (Parents may want to listen to the message for themselves first.)

On a much lighter subject, as my regular readers know, nature photography is my hobby, so I was thrilled when another one of my favorite bloggers, David Wayne at Jollyblogger, began sharing his interest in photography. David has started a Friday Photography column that includes links to excellent resources, as well as an opportunity to discuss photography in general.

The age of digital photography has made it possible for many of us to pursue this hobby, and if you are interested in learning more about how to improve your photography skills, you will want to read Jollyblogger’s photography posts. (His theological discussions are excellent, as well, though I would be in over my head to comment on them intelligently.)

My last link is to a music video Ann at Holy Experience linked to in her lovely Inspiring Joy. The song is Faithful Father by Brian Doerksen, an artist who is new to me. (Thank you, Ann) I hope that you will spend time worshipping the Father with this beautiful song and artistic expression of the Father’s faithfulness to His children. Enjoy and be blessed!



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