Saturday Photo Hunt – Original

*****My CURVY Photo Hunt post is here.*****

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is “original”, and quite frankly, I am forcing myself to rise out of the doldrums to participate.

Yesterday afternoon I pulled out a storage tote containing a variety of treasured items that I hoped might provide some encouragement, inspiration and motivation for the theme, as well as help me focus on things outside my present state of unhappiness.

In the tote I re-discovered:
– signed letters from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to my husband’s grandfather, who was a Florida legislator, as well as one of his grandfather’s campaign cards,

– a book of war rations from WWII that belonged to Louis’s grandmother,

– my father’s original U.S. Navy driver’s license that indicated he was authorized to drive everything from a jeep to an ambulance,

– the original bill Louis’s mother was given after the birth of her first son in 1948 (the total was $104.80 that included 10 days in the hospital @ $6.00/day for her and 9 days in the hospital @ $1.50/day for the baby),

– and a school paper my mother wrote in 1927, at the age of 9, on how she spent her summer vacation, among many other wonderful original items.

Too many to choose from, and many of them worthy of a story of their own.

After spending the afternoon delighting in these treasures, I decided this morning on photographs from my archives – with promises (to myself) to write about the many other originals soon.

Not too far from where we live are all that remains of original structures from an early 19th century fort that was abandoned in 1858. The photo in the bottom left is of an outbuilding on the property of the confederate captain for who the county was named.

I have used this photo before, but it is truly an original creation and I wanted to post it again. It is a photograph of my grandmother’s college scrap book from the early 1900’s that includes an original, and not particularly flattering, drawing of her math teacher.

For “original” photos from other Photo Hunt participants, please click on the Photo Hunter Banner or the Technorati PhotoHunt tag below.


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