Random musings

My alarm clock is set for 5:15 so I really should be sleeping by now, but the urge to be at this place on Pollywog Creek is stronger than my desire for sleep – so here I am.

I’ll most likely suffer for it tomorrow, too, when I struggle to stay focused for “Goodnight Moon” or “Pat the Bunny” multiple times in a row. Casey mentioned one night at family dinner that he had learned that you don’t do something once with Mason that you aren’t willing to do a million more times again.

That’s about right. Casey may spend many days on the road away from his young family right now, but it didn’t take him long to realize that toddlers truly delight in doing the same things over and over again – whether we tire of them or not.

In just two weeks, Casey and his family are moving 1200 miles away, and the days of marathon “Pat the Bunny” sessions with Mason will quite sadly (for me) come to an end. Dwelling on that thought is not a good thing, so I’ll move right on to the next one.

Gavin was not feeling well at all this week. He was very fussy on Tuesday and wouldn’t sleep for his naps yesterday unless I held him. Nick and Kristin took him to the doctor today. Both of his eyes are infected and he has an ear infection. Poor baby. No wonder he wanted to be held.

Emily and I had the most wonderful evening at Night of Joy last Friday. With our tickets, we were able to enter the park three hours early – though we actually only went one hour early. We found an empty bench not far from where I stood for the David Crowder concert and rested while waiting for Emily’s friends to arrive. We had the most fun watching all the little girls dressed up as Cinderella, or Belle, or one of the other Disney princesses with their crowns, dresses and shoes, as they left the park with their families before the rest of the Night of Joy crowd was allowed to enter. Emily and her friends bought crowns before the evening was over, too. They are, after all, princess, too!

Emily and I went to the library today to check out Washington’s God by Michael Novak, the Gen J Book Club assignment for September. She is a little late getting started, so she isn’t going to participate in the discussion online, but she started reading it this afternoon and will do her best to finish and turn in her book report to me by the 27th.

Two weeks ago Emily got her learner’s permit to learn how to drive. We haven’t had many opportunities since then for her to practice, but I did let her drive the last few blocks to our house this afternoon. She had to make two turns, including the turn through the gate into our driveway. Fortunately, the gate was widened last week when Casey needed to back his semi tractor/trailer in to park it overnight. Otherwise, I’m afraid she would have hit the gate.

Louis is very diligent about keeping the grass mowed, but one of our neighbors hasn’t mowed in weeks. I’m not complaining. If it weren’t for the tall grass and wildflowers growing on this neighbor’s side of the fence, I wouldn’t have the beautiful butterflies, like the black swallowtail above, to photograph. As I walk the trail beside that fence and discover the beauty that is scattered throughout those overgrown weeds, I am reminded that the Lord always makes everything beautiful in it’s time.


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