Saturday Photo Hunt – Dirty

In recognition of our Labor Day weekend, I thought my Photo Hunt photos for this week should combine the theme “dirty” with work.

It certainly takes work to maintain our Pollywog Creek property, and though my husband shakes off most of the dirt before leaving his work boots and shoes in the garage, they still reveal the dirty work involved.

As I have mentioned before, our son Nick graduated from Kings Point, the United States Merchant Marine Academy. During his junior year as a midshipman at Kings Point, he spent 200 days at sea aboard an oil tanker in the Pacific Ocean and half of that time he worked on his engineering project in the tanker’s engine room, which according to these photos taken by his sea partner, must be very dirty work. I sure was glad that I was no longer doing his laundry.

Our son Casey is a long distance truck driver. Just this week he informed me that there is a difference between “truckers” and truck drivers, and that he is a truck driver. Maybe it is his degree in recording arts that makes him a truck driver, instead of a trucker. I sure don’t know.

Monday he began a week of “home time” and I was able to ride in the truck with him (my first BIG truck ride ever) to a farm south of town where he parked the trailer while he is home. I was sure that I would be able to take plenty of “dirty” photos of his truck, but Casey keeps it very clean for a truck. Only a few of the side mirrors were dirty, and they really weren’t that bad, but I put the photos together in a collage anyway because it just makes sense that trucks are dirty, and often the work of tarping and tying down the load is very dirty work, but mostly it honors the work that Casey does to support his young family.

For “dirty” photos from other Photo Hunt participants, click on the Photo Hunters Banner or the Technorati PhotoHunt link below.


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