Enjoying the moment (shameless gloating)

Just for fun and with apologies to MJ – though he has had many more enjoyable moments this year than we have!

Barbara, a new friend from Photo Hunt, was brilliant with her “Wordless Wednesday” photo – go look.

Without cable television, we are dependent on mlb.com (of course, I linked to the Yankees’s page!) to “watch” the games not broadcast on one of the 4 major networks, but I made certain that I took photos of the results every day, just for fun.

“For the moment”, the Yankees are in first place for a wildcard spot in the playoffs and 5 games behind Boston. Let me emphasize for the moment. My gloating is likely to be short lived. Tonight they begin a 3-game series with Tampa Bay, the team with the worst record in the American League – which means nothing when it comes to playing the Yankees. Louis, Emily and I have traveled to Tampa Bay for 3 Yankee games, and though we watched A-Rod hit 3 homeruns in 2 days, the Yankees lost all 3 games. We are doing our part to help the Yankees win this series by staying at home.

Emily and I are headed out the door shortly for a rare day of shopping, lunch at Panera Bread and an afternoon break at Starbucks. We live in an area that leans heavily toward the Red Sox. Their spring training stadium is located here. The forecast for today is for high temperatures in the 90’s, but I bet Emily wears her Yankees warmup jacket anyway. =)

See y’all later!


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