Still on the path…

Weeks ago I began re-reading and discussing A Place Called Simplicity, by Claire Cloninger. Though I ceased my discussion after only the first few chapters, I have definitely not wandered off the path, it is one that I am traveling still.

Cloninger is a gifted writer and her book a valuable resource. I appreciated reading how Cloninger and her family sought to live a simple lifestyle, but our family must identify the chaos and complexity in our lives and determine the changes we can make to live more simply within the confines of our environment and circumstances.

We live in different communities, with different people groups, in various types of dwellings, with different church families, careers, income levels, and the unique people God has placed in our families for us to love and nurture. Our picture of “simplicity” will not necessarily look like other’s. I cannot take the changes the Cloninger family made and apply them to my family, only the concept – that we evaluate our lifestyles according to Scripture and remove those obstacles – the chaos and complexity – as best we can, that distract us and prevent us from living to the glory of God.


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