We made a couple of decisions this week.

One for my daughter and one for my health.

It seems that Emily and I have gradually worked ourselves into a corner over the past couple of years – particularly this last year – and it took being sick for a month for me to see that more clearly.

Two years ago, if I was sick and needed to rest, then I rested, and though I rarely needed to see a doctor, I could do so without rearranging my life and creating hardships for others. Two years later, I am taking care of one or two of my grandbabies 4 days a week, and the days of resting and having reasonable control of my weekly schedule are currently a thing of the past.

This week I made the decision to request a change in my primary care physician from our insurance. For the past 18 years, all of our doctors have been in the city at least an hour from the rural area where we live. My professional experience with rural physicians as a registered nurse has not been good and I’ve been reluctant to trust them with my health care, but our little community is growing and it is time for me to take advantage of the fact that more physicians have established practices here. I no longer have time to travel 3 hours just to see my doctor, so as of today, my primary care physician’s office is only 5 minutes from my house.

Emily and I together made a decision concerning the one day a week that we do not take care of a baby. For several years, since the boys graduated from homeschooling, Emily and I have taken one day off a week to go into the city. In the morning, Emily would babysit at church during the Bible study I attended and after lunch she had a voice lesson. We then spent the afternoon running errands, or shopping, or getting our hair cut, and eventually treating ourselves to Starbucks. Now that we are taking care of the babies, it has been impossible for Emily to keep up with her studies and continue to take off one day a week without getting behind. Our “one day off” has slowly turned into more stress than enjoyment.

Since the women’s Bible study was taking a break over the summer, Emily decided she would also take a break from her voice lessons. She has now come to the conclusion that she should probably put them aside indefinitely, and that concentrating on finishing her high school studies is more important. While I will miss attending the Bible study and our afternoon in the city, I know that staying home is what we should do for now. Who knows – maybe we will get a Starbucks here, too!


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